Song Construction Zone

Date: 7/19/2018
Start Time: 2:00 PM
End Time: 4:00 PM
 This program for kids and teens of all ages. Come to the library and create an original song from scratch! Using traditional instruments as well as unusual sounds found in the library and beyond, kids and teens will write and record a brand new song that will be posted on the library's Facebook page. Come try out a bass, guitar, keyboard, banjo, trumpet, and weird instruments like Stylophone, Otamatone, and more! Record the sound of your favorite book slamming shut, and turn it into a beat to sing along with! That annoying noise your parents tell you to stop making? It's our favorite, let's make a song out of it! No musical knowledge is required, and all instruments and recording equipment will be provided. Bringing in instruments or weird sounds from home in strongly encouraged!

Location: Helderberg (Large) Meeting Room
Contact: Olga
Contact Number: 518-456-2400 x 4
Presenter: Tor Loney